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The Media Factory is here for you in this new normal, with ways to engage live, online, and on our channels and radio station. Watch, learn, and create with our media community.


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    Online Events

    Join our online community for conversations about media making, screenings of independent films, and more. Sign up and connect on our Meetup page.

  • Zoom meeting

    Remote Meetings

    Our team is working closely with schools and municipalities to continue providing live meeting coverage in this remote environment.

    Trying to cover a local meeting or event related to COVID-19 awareness and planning? Contact us and we may be able to help you get the support you need to keep sharing important and rapidly evolving stories from your communities!

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    Have a Story to Tell?

    Here at the Media Factory we believe that nothing is more powerful than sharing community perspectives. Whether it's a short video of your experience at a protest, an hour-long documentary, a public service announcement, or anything else you've produced, we want to hear from you. We’ll air your work online, on our TV channels, and via our radio station. Let’s stay connected.

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    On the Radio

    Check out 99.3 WBTV-LP FM Burlington for local stories, great music and more. Outside of Burlington? Listen online any time.

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    On TV

    Discover great local programming on cable television. Concerts, local docs, talks shows, interviews, and so much more. Find RETN and VCAM on Burlington Telecom channels 15, 16, 215 and 216 and on Comcast channels 1074, 1084 and 1094. Live outside our service area? Find a community media channel near you.

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    On Roku

    Explore Media Factory-produced docs, concerts, talks, and more. Find us in the Roku channel store under Media Factory.

Watch and Listen Now

Explore a slice of Media Factory community programming.  For our complete library of community productions, government and school board meetings, and archival programs, visit and


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