crowdsourced banner of stills from movie: lego man on raft, volleyball, woman in water with raft

Crowdsourced Cast Away Air Dates

Friday, October 23, 8:00 PM
Sunday, October 25, 7:00 PM

on your local community media channel - find yours here.

Live Event

Drive-In Screening of Crowdsourced Cast Away
Sunday, October 25, gates open 5:30 PM, film starts 6:30 PM

Co-Hosted by LCATV, MMCTV, and the Media Factory
Sponsored by Supersounds

Tickets: Suggested Donation $10 per vehicle to support event costs


Make the most of your viewing experience with our Watch Guide!

Community members across Vermont are producing scenes from a famous film, taking creative license with casting and film techniques, and making the scenes their own! The scenes are being assembled into a complete film that is uniquely Vermont-made. 
This summer, we are recreating “Cast Away” - a great film to showcase the lakes and rivers of Vermont, and a film that has many scenes that will work well on a physically-distanced film set. Teams are editing their scenes and composing music right now! See below dates to learn when the film will be aired. We'll also share a link to watch online after the premieres.
Sign ups are closed for the summer. Email us to be included in next year's film announcement!


Stills from Cast Away: Wilson the volleyball, a dinner table with dolls, a rock calendar, a woman in the water by a raft, a team of 3 men filming, an iceskate and volleyball, a Lego figure on a raft, a man hiding behind a raft


Crowdsourced Cinema VT is a project of the Vermont Access Network, (VAN), a membership organization of the 25 regional Community Media Access Centers operating more than 80 local cable channels across Vermont. VAN Members use emerging communications technologies to foster free speech, encourage civic engagement, enhance public discourse, and allow elected officials and community members to communicate better. 

VAN collaborates on this project with the original Crowdsourced Cinema, a public art project created and managed by Northampton Open Media.


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