A T-Rex growling at a man with a videocamera and the words "Crowdsourced Cinema VT - Jurassic Park" superimposed

This summer, we will recreate “Jurassic Park,”  the 1993 sci-fi action blockbuster! 

Sign up now to film a scene! Take creative license with casting and film techniques, and make the scene your own! The scenes will be assembled into a complete film that is uniquely Vermont-made. 

We are also seeking musicians and composers to contribute new music to our remake! If you are a musician or composer interested in participating, sign up now!


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    Filmmaker Signup


    May 15 Team Registration Opens
    May 28 Scenes Assigned (This continues on a rolling basis)
    June 1 Online Workshops Begin
    August 13 Scenes and Credits Due
    August 27 Music Due
    October Film Premiere (Date and Time TBA)
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    Musician Signup


Each team is randomly assigned a scene from the film to interpret creatively – it could be filmed with live-action, animation, remix, puppetry, and other visual styles. Technical support will be provided by community media educators throughout the project. A  series of online workshops will help you plan your production, try green screen filmmaking, and learn how to edit your scene! All participants will be able to connect and share ideas on our Crowdsourced Cinema Community Discord.

Need gear? Contact your Community Media Center to see what video production equipment is available in your area.

Cast Away

Check out last summer's collaborative film project – the 2000 Tom Hanks classic.


Crowdsourced Cinema VT is a mammoth statewide collaboration, produced by the Media Factory in partnership with fellow community media centers statewide. The organizations are all members of the Vermont Access Network, (VAN), a membership organization of the 25 regional Community Media Access Centers operating more than 80 local cable channels across Vermont. VAN Members use emerging communications technologies to foster free speech, encourage civic engagement, enhance public discourse, and allow elected officials and community members to communicate better. Key partners include Brattleboro Community TV, Greater Northshire Access Television, Mt. Mansfield Community Television, Lake Champlain Access TV, and Middlebury Community Television, all of whom run summer camps for Crowdsourced Cinema VT or coordinate events and workshops. 

The Crowdsourced Cinema VT project is part of a regional collaboration with Brookline Interactive Group and Northampton Open Media (the original creator of Crowdsourced Cinema), each of which are producing their own version of the same film.