• Remote but Together

    The Media Factory is here for you in this new normal. Engage live, online, on TV and on the radio with our media community. 



Welcome to the Media Factory

We're a community of media makers who work in tv, film, radio, and more. At the Media Factory, we provide the tools, training, space and access to distribution that give you the power to share your story.

Home to RETN, VCAM and WBTV-LP 99.3 FM. 



  • Tips for Recording & Sharing Meetings

    The Media Factory has been working with schools and municipalities to stream meetings and provide ways for communities to continue to engage while remaining safely at home.

  • We're Changing Channels! Change with Us!

    VCAM 15 is now Comcast 1074; VCAM 17 South is now Comcast 1084; RETN 16 is now Comcast 1094


  • studio control room

    Community Television

    We help you maximize impact by getting your stories seen on local, statewide, and even national television, Roku devices (Roku channel store: "Media Factory"), the Localeyz app, and various online destinations.

  • radio host

    Community Radio

    99.3 WBTV-LP is a collaborative community radio project of the Media Factory and led by a dedicated crew of community volunteers. Our station is membership-based from our growing crew of programmers and listeners, with a Radio Advisory Council that oversees station management, and staff support from the Media Factory. 

  • teaching video production

    Media Education

    Learn how to produce your own video, studio show, or radio program at the Media Factory. Experienced staff show you how to use our gear, develop a compelling story, and share your videos on our channels. 99.3 WBTV-LP offers training in the art of radio production to get you on the air. 

  • interview

    Video Production

    Technology makes it easier than ever for people to create their own video content, but there’s no substitute for working with video professionals with a lifetime of production experience. That’s what the Media Factory brings to its clients. 

    We specialize in short-format documentary production and multi-camera event coverage, including lectures, conferences and concerts. If you’re looking for video content to spice up your website and social media channels or if you need something to help you raise money and inspire people to your cause, we're here to help.

  • media gear

    Equipment Resources

    We've been helping Vermonters make great video for more than 25 years. We have a wealth of production resources to meet just about any need, including a studio and control room, up to 4K editing, pro gear available for loan, "Whisper Room" audio isolation chamber, and more.

  • classroom

    Facility Rental

    From workshops to meetings to film screenings, the Media Factory classroom a great space to host your next event. Featuring projector and retractable screen, white board, two 4K monitors, easy HDMI hookup for your computer, personal tabletop iMacs for your class, and camera and table mics for online conferencing. Also after-hours parking, kitchen, and all-gendered bathrooms for this 50-seat multi-purpose space.