• Welcome to the Media Factory



RETN and VCAM's transition to operating as a single organization, The Media Factory, is now complete. We've been making a lot of changes over the past year, including merging and rebranding our social media and television channels.  Likewise, MEDIAFACTORY.ORG is our new home on the web. RETN.ORG and VERMONTCAM.ORG are no longer actively maintained and will be taken offline this month.

If you're a producer, you can log in just like you would on vermontcam.org and add new programs and episodes. If you had an account on vermontcam.org and this is your first time logging in to mediafactory.org, please reset your password. You can do this from the log in screen.

If you're a viewer or a first-time visitor, all of the great local content from both RETN and VCAM can be found on this site. Having trouble finding something? Reach out and we'll be happy to assist.


Localeyz: our new community media platform

The combined content from retn.org and vermontcam.org well exceeds 10,000 videos and spans more than 25 years of local media. Merging libraries of this size is an unruly endeavor to say the least. To accommodate the technical requirements of a migration of this scale and to position ourselves for more innovative and scalable digital initiatives, we joined forces with community media partners across the country to build the Localeyz platform cooperative. 

Although Localeyz is in a nascent stage it has already brought new features and possibilities, including:

  • Radio and podcasts
  • Live video integration with our TV Schedules
  • A mobile app – download Localeyz from the App Store or Google Play Store
  • An improved producer UX
  • Design facelifts on episodes and more

We're fixing bugs and releasing new features all the time

Please bear with us as we evolve the Localeyz platform. We want and encourage your feedback, which you can share here.