Media Factory Staff

  • Kendra Barber

    Production Technician

    Kendra’s media career began five minutes after her Media Factory internship ended and has been clever enough to convince them to keep her around. An avid movie watcher, she resents any and all activities that keep her from doing so.  She currently splits her time between movies and Scandinavian television. She also enjoys cats and dogs and kittens and puppies. Many years have passed and Kendra still thinks that the pilot of Miami Vice was one of the greatest television events of all time and will fight anyone who argues about it.

  • Jeff Botas

    Systems Administrator // ext. 111

    Jeff has been interested in community media since his first visit to VCAM in 2005.  Always ready to help, Jeff has served RETN and VCAM in volunteer, freelancer, employee, and board member roles. Today, he focuses on managing technology at the Media Factory. He works toward ensuring success for our staff and community members, as well as the integrity of our radio and television transmissions.

  • Jordan Butterfield

    Studio Coordinator

    In high school, Jordan discovered his favorite way to a good grade on a project was to make an entertaining video. That led him to an RETN internship, introducing him to the world of Community Media. In 2019 he decided to make a return to public access at Town Meeting Television. His journey there saw him progress from a volunteer to a field producer, and eventually to Channel Coordinator. Jordan has since returned to school at Champlain College to complete a degree in Information Systems Management. He loves a comprehensive podcast and an insightful lecture series, naturally lending itself to municipal media coverage.

  • Logan Chalmers

    Assistant Production Services Manager // ext. 103

    Logan began his media career as a radio intern at 101.3 ESPN before pursuing a BA in Broadcast Media Production at Champlain College. During his time in college Logan worked as creator, producer, and director on numerous visual projects including news packages, studio talk shows, Champlain events, and also worked on a short documentary. His hobbies include fishing, watching hockey, and announcing local sports.

  • Coleman Cullinan

    Production Technician

    Originally from Pittsburgh, Coleman attended UVM and quickly fell in love with the local culture and beautiful scenery of Burlington.  Beginning as a freelance photographer and videographer during his time in Vermont, he hopes to emphasize the talents, efforts, and stories of local artists and individuals.  As an avid music enjoyer with a profound appreciation for live performance, Coleman aims to explore how art and media can shape society through collaborative and strategic teamwork.

  • Wendy Erikson

    Production Technician

    Wendy has been lucky to have worked in video production for several decades. She started shooting news in Boston and moved to VT when her children were small. Since then, she has worn many hats producing, shooting, and editing VPT's Outdoor Journal, magazine segments, sentencing videos, and commercials.  The Media Factory is such an exceptional resource and she enjoys helping others tell their stories.

  • Gin Ferrara

    Community Engagement Manager // ext. 106

    Gin considers herself a "multimediator" -- a person who helps folks use media to tell their own stories and connect to their communities. She has taught video-making to young people and community members for most of her life. Gin co-founded Baltimore's Wide Angle Youth Media and the Burlington story community Storytelling VT. Having been a mediamaker since the days of splicing and 3/4 inch tape, she is pretty thrilled with digital media, and looks forward to what's next. 

  • Kate Florian

    Production Technician

    Hailing from northwestern Connecticut, Kate fell into the world of digital media when she stumbled into a video production class in high school, and never was able to get fully back up. Deciding to go full send, she joined the National Guard in Utah as a broadcaster, where she also attended the University of Utah for Film and Media arts. After attending the Defense Information School in Maryland, she arrived at her unit in Salt Lake City equipped with some tricks of the trade and plunged headfirst into military media making. This included a deployment to cover Hurricane Harvey aid in Texas, shooting military operations in Belize, as well as the occasional grenade throw. Now an ordinary civilian, Kate has put her nomadic lifestyle on pause and enjoys the community of creativity that the Media Factory cultivates. She also enjoys roller skating, cooking, and mosh pits.

  • Richard Gibbs

    Distribution Coordinator // ext. 105

    Richard grew up in the Caribbean enjoying the Sun Sea and well seasoned Island cuisines while engaging in a very active lifestyle full of sports like Cricket, Tennis, and Football while having an interest in studying computer repair and maintenance. Having parents who where not born on the same soil encouraged him to travel to see family and learn his roots. May seem weird to some that he ended up here in VT but in his father’s own words ”One of my children is going to end up living overseas" so that’s how an Islander came to know the meaning of the word "Brr”.

  • Katie Gorson

    Production Assistant // ext. 110

    Katie moved to Burlington after graduating from Skidmore College. Before she joined The Media Factory, Katie was a freelance videographer and digital media consultant working with artists, galleries and museums to tell their stories, and explore their artwork and creative processes. An artist herself, Katie experiments with video art, sculpture and fiber arts. She greatly enjoys working with the local community to share their honest stories.

  • Matt Goudey

    Media Systems Manager // ext. 102

    Matt started his film and television career in L.A. in 1997 and soon learned that he had as much passion for behind-the-scenes work as he did for acting. During his time at VCAM, Matt has been a Production Technician, Technology Coordinator, and now the Media Systems Manager, and continues to research, learn, build, and teach how to use the systems and equipment that we offer our community. Matt lives within a few miles of VCAM with his wife, Elaine, and daughter, Greer.
 VCAM staffer since 2007.

  • Patrick Heltz

    Content Manager // ext. 104

    Patrick was born and raised in Vermont. He had worked at various museums and done freelance audio & video work before settling at the Media Factory. Patrick spends his free time working on his radio show broadcast from 99.3 WBTV-LP, eating mac and cheese and talking about how he should read and bike more.

  • John McDonnell

    Production Technician

    Originally from the sea coast of New Hampshire, John attended Champlain College where he developed a passion for media creation and for the Burlington community. He jumps at any opportunity to get his hands a camera and enjoys the process of video and photo editing. John also has an intense passion for music and spends much of his free time trying to learn every instrument he can. He recently returned from a semester abroad in Dublin, Ireland where he shot a documentary on the housing crisis there. John hopes to continue the pursuit of knowledge in anything having to do with the media.

  • Seth Mobley

    Co-Director // ext. 101

    Since 2004, Seth has worked in the nonprofit media industry to help organizations and citizens produce digital media content to raise awareness of their missions and provide insight into diverse communities throughout Vermont and the eastern Untied States. He joined Vermont Community Access Media in 2006 and held several positions including Executive Director. Seth has been a member of the board of directors for multiple local organizations including the Vermont Access Network, Vermont International Film Festival, and the South End Arts and Business Association, and is also proud to volunteer on behalf of other Vermont-based organizations including as a coach for the sports teams his children play for.

  • Scott Moody

    Production Technician

    Scott is a native of Burlington, with deep French Canadian/Catholic ( St. Joseph's/Rice) roots here. He has worked in tv/video for over 35 years, in news/sports and industrial production. Scott has participated in the fan production Star Trek: New Voyages, as a cinematographer, and producer, working with many of the actors and crew from various series' in the Star Trek franchise. He currently also works at our sister station, Town Meeting Television as a videographer/editor, and is the Chair of the Board of Electric Commissioners in Burlington. Scott's family has a long history of service to Burlington, both on his and his wife's family side. With family working for Fire, BED, Water, DPW and BPD, and Uncle Gordon Paquette (The Skate rink at Leddy named after him) being Mayor for 10 years, the Moody/Paquette/Ledoux dedication to the citizens of Burlington is well documented. Scott is an avid beer and bourbon geek, and has extensive knowledge of both subjects, don't even get him going on these unless you're in for the long haul;) Scott is married to Tammie Ledoux-Moody, a teacher at BHS, and he has a son, Matthew who is 14.

  • Barb Pendl

    Field Producer

    Bio coming soon...

  • Ross Ransom

    Education Manager // ext. 107

    Ross first started producing video while in school in New York. Ross’ passion for teaching community media was solidified during an internship at RETN while completing his degree at Champlain College. Ross strives to help the community tell their stories by making it simple and fun to learn videomaking. Ross enjoys a variety of outdoor activities year-round, making music, and believes in local, dissenting, unfettered, informative, and accessible media productions.

  • Gabby Valdivieso

    Production Technician

    Originally from Cleveland, Gabby graduated from Middlebury College in 2020 with a joint major in Film and Theatre and has a varied background in video and performance work. Since moving to Burlington, she has fallen in love with the city and its local arts community. Gabby currently splits her time between the Media Factory and the Humane Society of Chittenden County and her hobbies include bowling, rollerblading, trivia, and karaoke.

  • Adam Walker

    Production Services Manager // ext. 108

    Adam is a native Vermonter who’s hiked and traveled throughout the US and abroad, exploring both urban and wild places with his family, friends and camera.  His diverse career spans environmental and agricultural science, community access, independent filmmaking, freelance video production, and project management. He spent a rewarding decade at Champlain College’s Emergent Media Center, adapting to different workflows while managing game development, virtual reality, and video production teams. Adam is moved by compelling, authentic stories with engaging visuals, and aims to apply that criteria to collaborations with our government and education partners.

  • Marcy Webster

    Production Technician

    Marcy holds a degree in Film Production from Keene, has worked in a professional camera and videography studio, and has done freelance videography work. Marcy has spent several years living abroad in France, The Netherlands and New Zealand, and has traveled extensively throughout Europe and Southern Africa. She enjoys hiking and snowboarding with friends.

  • Jess Wilson

    Co-Director // ext. 109

    An accomplished video producer and sound designer, Jess has devoted her career to helping community members, non-profits, and arts organizations tell their stories. She previously served as Executive Director and Director of Production with Media Factory co-founding partner RETN. Additional roles include Executive Producer and Channel Director with CCTV/Town Meeting Television in Burlington, Executive Director of LCATV in Colchester, and News Director of WDEV AM & FM in Waterbury. Jess spends most of her free time in the theatre designing sound and projections for the sketch comedy troupe Stealing From Work, and for Vermont Stage Company. She's also the co-founder of the Saints and Poets Production Company, a theatre company devoted to promoting the puppetry arts through theatre and film. Jess dreams about retiring from community media one day and joining the professional Pickleball circuit.