Media Factory Staff

  • Jeff Botas

    Systems Administrator // ext. 111

    Jeff has been interested in community media since his first visit to VCAM in 2005.  Always ready to help, Jeff has served RETN and VCAM in volunteer, freelancer, employee, and board member roles. Today, he focuses on managing technology at the Media Factory. He works toward ensuring success for our staff and community members, as well as the integrity of our radio and television transmissions.

  • Colin Connor

    Production Technician

    Colin grew up in the Northeast. His passion for film and photography began at a young age. He holds a BA in Cinema Studies and Film Production from Burlington College. He has has been devoted to Public Access for over 8 years. When not filming, taking photographs or traveling he is often found gaming and looking for new ways to entertain his much loved 80 pound pit bull.

  • Jude Domski

    Production Technician

    Jude is a multi-media artist living in South Burlington. As a theatre director, she created several documentary productions and collaborated extensively with playwrights on script development. As a photographer, she covered the gamut from Brooklyn softball fields to red carpets for Getty. Since returning to Vermont, she has been focusing on merging her background in performing arts and photography in video. VCAM staffer since 2017.

  • Wendy Erikson

    Production Technician

    Wendy has been lucky to have worked in video production for several decades. She started shooting news in Boston and moved to VT when her children were small. Since then, she has worn many hats producing, shooting, and editing VPT's Outdoor Journal, magazine segments, sentencing videos, and commercials.  The Media Factory is such an exceptional resource and she enjoys helping others tell their stories.

  • Gin Ferrara

    Community Engagement Manager // ext. 106

    Gin considers herself a "multimediator" -- a person who helps folks use media to tell their own stories and connect to their communities. She has taught video-making to young people and community members for most of her life. Gin co-founded Baltimore's Wide Angle Youth Media and the Burlington story community Storytelling VT. Having been a mediamaker since the days of splicing and 3/4 inch tape, she is pretty thrilled with digital media, and looks forward to what's next. 

  • Drew Frazier

    Content Manager // ext. 105

    Having begun his career in community media in what felt like midnight of the analog world (mid-2000s), Drew has always been focused on the future. A frequent collaborator, he's been actively engaged in many projects, including Localeyz, PechaKucha Burlington, The Quarry Project, Vermont Media Exchange, Vermont Community TV and others. Interests beyond the office are varied, and include travel, music, a small handful of quasi-athletic activities, and preparing for web3.

  • Ken French

    Municipal Services Manager // ext. 108

    Ken is an accomplished video producer, director and editor, composer, designer and animator. He is also a detail-oriented  manager who thrives on bringing order to chaos. His work ranges from corporate to community, advocacy to art. A performing musician since the age of 14, he played for ten years with “Mellow Yellow” on festival stages throughout New England and cruise ships in the Caribbean. 

  • Richard Gibbs

    Production Technician

    Richard grew up in the Caribbean enjoying the Sun Sea and well seasoned Island cuisines while engaging in a very active lifestyle full of sports like Cricket, Tennis, and Football while having an interest in studying computer repair and maintenance. Having parents who where not born on the same soil encouraged him to travel to see family and learn his roots. May seem weird to some that he ended up here in VT but in his father’s own words ”One of my children is going to end up living overseas" so that’s how an Islander came to know the meaning of the word "Brr”.

  • Matt Goudey

    Media Systems Manager // ext. 102

    Matt started his film and television career in L.A. in 1997 and soon learned that he had as much passion for behind-the-scenes work as he did for acting. During his time at VCAM, Matt has been a Production Technician, Technology Coordinator, and now the Media Systems Manager, and continues to research, learn, build, and teach how to use the systems and equipment that we offer our community. Matt lives within a few miles of VCAM with his wife, Elaine, and daughter, Greer.
 VCAM staffer since 2007.

  • Patrick Heltz

    Distribution Coordinator // ext. 104

    Patrick was born and raised in Vermont. He had worked at various museums and done freelance audio & video work before settling at the Media Factory. Patrick spends his free time working on his radio show broadcast from 99.3 WBTV-LP, eating mac and cheese and talking about how he should read and bike more.

  • Seth Mobley

    Co-Director // ext. 101

    Since 2004, Seth has worked in the nonprofit media industry to help organizations and citizens produce digital media content to raise awareness of their missions and provide insight into diverse communities throughout Vermont and the eastern Untied States. He joined Vermont Community Access Media in 2006 and held several positions including Executive Director. Seth has been a member of the board of directors for multiple local organizations including the Vermont Access Network, Vermont International Film Festival, and the South End Arts and Business Association, and is also proud to volunteer on behalf of other Vermont-based organizations including as a coach for the sports teams his children play for.

  • Patient Mwibeleca

    Production Technician

    A passionate photographer and videographer, Patient Mwibeleca comes to the Media Factory having recently completed studies at Burlington Technical Center's Digital Media Lab. He looks forward to continuing to work on his college portfolio in BTC's Design and Illustration program.

  • Joey Palumbo

    Production Manager // ext. 103

    Joey Palumbo, a native Vermonter, is an award-winning television and film producer, writer, and director. When he isn’t leading the Media Factory team on their in-house productions and client work, you can find him assisting community producers. Outside work, Joey’s hobbies include photography, watching TV & movies, hiking, and video games.

  • Ross Ransom

    Education Coordinator // ext. 107

    Ross first started producing video while in school in New York. Ross’ passion for teaching community media was solidified during an internship at RETN while completing his degree at Champlain College. Ross strives to help the community tell their stories by making it simple and fun to learn videomaking. Ross enjoys a variety of outdoor activities year-round, making music, and believes in local, dissenting, unfettered, informative, and accessible media productions.

  • Marcy Webster

    Production Assistant

    Marcy holds a degree in Film Production from Keene, has worked in a professional camera and videography studio, and has done freelance videography work. Marcy has spent several years living abroad in France, The Netherlands and New Zealand, and has traveled extensively throughout Europe and Southern Africa. She enjoys hiking and snowboarding with friends.

  • Jess Wilson

    Co-Director // ext. 109

    Jess joined RETN in December 2012 as Director of Production after spending 13 years as an Executive Producer and Channel Director with CCTV/Channel 17 Town Meeting Television in Burlington. During her time at CCTV, Jess produced, shot and edited documentary style videos for CCTV's non-profit clients. She also managed video production and live webstreaming for events and produced Channel 17's election coverage. Prior to her work at CCTV, she served as executive director of LCATV in Colchester and as News Director of WDEV AM & FM in Waterbury. Jess is a co-founder of the Saints and Poets Production Company, a theatre company devoted to promoting the puppetry arts through theatre and film.