Supporting the Next Gen of Mediamakers

A playlist of emerging mediamakers

The Media Factory is thrilled to showcase recent films by the next generation of community media makers, sharing diverse perspectives and incredible talent. Featured filmmakers are students, artists, independent makers, and members of our staff, all exploring innovative stories and ideas. Take a look!

To continue fostering creativity, we need your support for our scholarship and internship programs.

Why Support Matters:

  1. Scholarships: Your contribution breaks down financial barriers, allowing aspiring media makers to pursue education and training.
  2. Paid Internships: Funding internships provides hands-on experience, mentorship, and networking crucial for emerging talents. 

Join Us in Nurturing Creativity. 



Your support empowers the next wave of storytellers. Be a part of our mission to create opportunities for new film and radio makers. Thank you for championing creativity and diversity in media!