Radio Shows to Put Some Spring in Your Step

New radio shows are blooming at 99.3 WBTV-LP. Listen to new music and conversation all week long!

There’s a new crop of radio programmers at 99.3FM WBTV-LP on the air this month. Listen each day for new music and conversation. Find the full schedule here.

Music for interior spaces


Nathaniel Eddy - Music for Interior Spaces

"Playlists of folk forms, primitive guitar musings, ambient, 90's / 2000's indie, no wave, found sounds, and other recordings of the modern era."



if you could see what i hear


Josh Friedman - If You Could See What I Hear 

"Lots of rock, funk, jazz, countries outside the USA, and experimental stuff"



Steve sitting at a table with a child, talking.


Steve Milizia - Just a Couple Old Guys

"Hope you like listening to stories because I love telling them. And along with my Old Guy friends we’ve got a few."



Positional Distortion


Christopher Lewis - Positional Distortion

"A weekly journey through the musical multiverse, brought to you by two mischievous auditory tour guides, Zissou and MuffinTop."



orange background with the word positionality


Rinzin Sonam - positionality podcast

"This podcast explores identity, healing, art, mental health and more from a Tibetan American lens."