Katie Answers the Five Qs!

Learn more about Katie, her interests, and her wig collection!

If there was a movie about your life, who would play you?

Definitely Jenny Slate. She's so strange but completely shameless.


What is your favorite piece of Media Factory technology, and why?

The DJI Ronan Gimbal - it just makes your footage look so smooth. The Ronan makes tracking shots and pans seamless and really elevates whatever you're working on.


What is the funniest thing that has happened to you recently?

This weekend I was loading in gear with Jordan after a shoot at the Flynn Theater. It was a really long day and we were all pretty tired, so loading in all the equipment felt a little extra challenging. I was pulling a cart of gear into the van while Jordan stood across from me and pushed from the other side. I did one huge pull and the handle of the cart smacked me right in the forehead- it's hollow plastic so it didn't hurt at all, but it definitely made a loud noise. We were both cracking up.


Tell us something we might not know (a fact or piece of trivia that you know for no apparent reason).

I have more than 5 wigs, and I used to have many more.


If you had to put your life bio into one run-on sentence, what would you say?

Life-long lover of skiing, biking and yoga, Katie’s always been an artist - whether she’s knitting a scarf, experimenting in the dark room or building an electronic sculpture - she’s always making something.