Innovation for a Well-Knit Community

We look back at a year of innovating and staying connected.

Photo: Marcy, Joey, and Jeffrey on location for the livestream of the Penguin Plunge.


Many of us began 2021 with the hopes that our life and work would return to “normal.” As early as January we realized that we were on a new path - and balancing many different community needs. This called for innovation and flexibility.

Read on to learn more about this year's accomplishments, and support our work in the year to come!


As town governments need to reach their community at all levels of social comfort, we developed a system for hybrid meetings, and shared this knowledge with other Vermont community media centers and our municipal partners. We helped democracy thrive during a time when community engagement became more important than ever.

Ken at the controls for an outdoor graduation livestream

Photo: Ken French at the mixer board for the Vergennes High School graduation, outdoors and livestreamed.


When live events resumed, but the audience remained virtual, Media Factory partnered with cultural organizations such as Vermont Youth Orchestra to provide a livestream of their performances. By connecting these talented young musicians with their audience, we brought music into people’s homes and enriched our community.

vermont youth orchestra spring performance with conductor

Photo: The Vermont Youth Orchestra's Spring Concert.


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As vaccines became available and people began to gather, we worked with key staff to bring more people into the space with health and safety in mind. It began incrementally, with the studio open alternate days, then daily, adding more frequent access to the TV studio and radio station, and welcoming back our dedicated community media makers.

Patient and Rich set up Quality Daily Life recording in the TV studio

Photo: R-L: Rich Gibbs and Patient Mwibeleca operate the camera switcher for Pastor Catherine Assignon Kasongo's "Quality Daily Life" in the TV studio.


For the second year, Crowdsourced Cinema VT provided a summer film project for families, small groups, and individuals. Several community media centers also launched summer film camps, producing a scene from the blockbuster “Jurassic Park” in just one week! Our education department coordinated this statewide project, scheduling online workshops and introducing a Discord server to encourage community engagement. The final film is a glorious, creative work, featuring animation, green-screen effects, puppets, digital effects, and incredible performances by more than 200 Vermonters.

Behind the scene shots of Crowdsourced Jurassic Park, filming actors, animating legos, a dinosaur costume on a green screen, and an outdoor screening

Photos, clockwise from top L: On location for a Crowdsourced VT scene with Nedry and Dodson, animating Legos of a vehicle upside down, filming a costume T-rex in front of a green screen, the outdoor screening premiere in Essex. 


This fall we expanded our staff with two new Production Techs: Nora Austin Murphy and Patient Mwibeleca, allowing us to staff our evening production shifts with two people. This has provided more regular support to 99.3 FM WBTV-LP radio programmers, allowed for additional livestreams of municipal meetings, and increased our overall capacity as an organization to serve the community.

two photos of staff: Patient at the gear desk, Nora on a livestream mixer

Photos, L-R: New Production Techs Patient Mwibeleca and Nora Austin Murphy at work.


As more people engage with community media in diverse ways - on their phones, computers, video on demand services, and of course traditional cable television, we have partnered with community media centers nationally to build Localeyz - a multi-platform app that shares live TV and radio, as well as podcasts and video series.

All this innovation is about connection: our livestreams, online events, community projects, and apps are the means to bring people together and support our community however we can.


We don’t know what 2022 will bring, but we know we can weather it with your support. As distribution avenues shift, and community media centers evolve, know we are here for you, and are poised to adapt to shifting, and growing, community needs.



all staff meeting

Photo: Media Factory staff at our first in-person meeting this summer. We hope to do this again next year!


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