The Five Qs with Logan!

Learn more about our resident hockey announcer!

If there was a movie about your life, who would play you?

Well when Ryan Reynolds turns down the role they’ll be no other choice than a younger Matthew Perry. His sarcastic element and constant social miscues would just about sum up a day in the life of Logan.

What is your favorite piece of Media Factory technology, and why?

Really love to utilize the whisper room! As a on air announcer being able to step into the booth and work on my language and tone is something I love to do.

What is the funniest thing that has happened to you recently?

Continuing with my theme of announcing. This past season I traveled to Malden Massachusetts for a Tufts-Middlebury game and while announcing, the arena staff were using a leaf blower and blowing garbage by me. Can’t leave out it was also disco night.

Tell us something we might not know (a fact or piece of trivia that you know for no apparent reason).

You could ask me just about anything to do with sports and I’ll have some answer, but ask me about any Stanley Cup champion since 2000 and I won’t fail you. (I might add the 2011 Boston Bruins are my personal favorite)

If you had to put your life bio into one run-on sentence, what would you say?

One average Vermonter who’s over obsessed with sports, technology and flannels, and through local media continues to deepen his connections and skills as a broadcaster.