Top Videos of 2018


It's been a great year at the Media Factory! Our community producers have created work that challenges our presumptions and expands our perspectives. Partnerships in the community have explored technology, science, music, business, health, local history, and visual arts. Here are some highlights from our community's most viewed videos of the year:


The Arts

  • Self-Confessed! The Inappropriately Intimate Comics of Alison Bechdel

    The Fleming Museum explores Vermont Comic Laureate Alison Bechdel's work as an artist who mines her own experiences as a way to communicate vital human needs: the quests for love, acceptance, community, and social justice.

  • A2VT: Faas Waa

    Burlington, Vermont based African musical group A2VT debuted their latest single, “Faas Waa." The upbeat song is influenced by Jamaican Dancehall style, yet with a strong African flavor. This is the fifth single and video from the group, who dance and sing in several African languages.

  • Rocket Shop LIVE at ArtsRiot: Paper Castles

    Paper Castles is the ongoing music project of songwriter Paddy Reagan and an ever-evolving list of contributors. This live performance is part of Rocket Shop LIVE, a concert series presented in partnership by ArtsRiot, Big Heavy World, Egan Media and RETN.

  • No Stage Diving: The Story of 242 Main

    Trailer for the forthcoming documentary that digs into the storied history of the all-ages Burlington concert venue 242 Main that evolved from a teen center into a regional punk venue that many young people considered a second home.

  • An Evening with Dom Flemons, the American Songster

    Grammy Award-winning Americana musician, singer-songwriter, and slam poet, Dom Flemons, performs work from his newest album and pays tribute to the music, culture, and complex history of the West.

  • VT Film Essentials: The Manchurian Candidate

    David Metzger and Lincoln L. Hayes are joined by Nathan Hartswick of the Vermont Comedy Club to discuss the ever-poignant political thriller "The Manchurian Candidate" with notable performances by Frank Sinatra and Angela Lansbury.

“It's basically a love song. I sang half of it in Maay Maay and half in English. We Bantus are trying to keep our language alive, since it has only been a spoken language up until recently. 'Faas waa' means 'beautiful' in Maay Maay.”

A2VT singer Jilib (Said Bulle)

Tech and Innovation

  • Mission to Learn: Charlotte Central School and RETN

    In May of 2018, Charlotte Central School 6th grade students had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to speak directly with astronauts aboard the International Space Station as part of a 2-month interdisciplinary ISS unit in Social Studies and Science. This is the behind-the-scenes story of an unprecedented collaboration between Charlotte students & educators, RETN and NASA.

  • Female Founders: #StartHere

    The Female Founders StartHere Challenge is a startup pitch event with $25 thousand dollars in prizes. This competition highlights the impact of women-led companies, and increases access to resources for local female-founded startups and ventures. Produced by Vermont Center for Emerging Technologies -- you can also hear their "StartHere" podcast every Saturday at 5 pm on WBTV 99.3 FM Burlington.

"That's the whole point of this: to learn about space,  how things work in space, and if human civilizations can happen on other planets." 

Kate Kogut, student, Charlotte Central School

Culture and Commentary

  • Somali Bantu TV

    The Banllywood production team produce this local and international news series. Their aim: "To teach our people to be confidant and aware of what is going on around the world; to make them understand community crises or problems, and to also teach them how they can help each other."

  • Champlain Presents

    Champlain Presents is a series of mini-documentaries made by Champlain College students in the Broadcast and Media Production program. Over the course of the semester, students visit the Media Factory to pitch their projects, share work-in-progress and receive feedback.

  • SCAM: A New Nepali Short Movie

    Produced by Milan Magar, this movie is about a young couple who get married at an early age and the challenges they face resettling in the United States.

  • To Sing of Common Things: The Voices of Young People

    In these times of increasing civil unrest, social injustices and violence across our nation as well as in our beloved Vermont, how are young people coping and how does art help them to do so? Teenage writers and spoken word artists share how they use their art to express their feelings, find their grounding, and take action. Co-organized by the Young Writers Project and the Clemmons Family Farm.

  • Thrive with Morella

    Thrive with Morella features interviews of authors, holistic/natural/alternative health practitioners, and individuals who have something to share about thriving in life. Morella Devost uses the Media Factory to the max, recording her show live in the 99.3 WBTV-LP studio, with a livestream to VCAM, while interviewing her guests on Skype.

  • The Wrestling Hour: Money in the Bank 2018

    Producer Nick Brisette talks about his passion and love for professional wrestling. This year he celebrated the eleventh year of his self-produced show, which he records at the Media Factory television studio.

"How can I expect change if no one is advocating for me? . . . It was this realization that I had power in my hands, and I had power in my voice."

Kiran Waqar, poet, Young Writers Project

Environment and Place

  • Lake Effect

    In this short documentary, father-daughter film makers Jim and Jackie Heltz set out to investigate the possible link between exposure to neurotoxins found in cyanobacteria and the onset of sporadic cases of the terminal illness ALS.

  • Wind: A Struggle for the Character of Vermont

    How can Vermont make the transition to renewable energy in a way that respects ecosystems, communities, and local democracy? In this documentary, filmmaker Mark Cline Lucey explores this important question through Vermont's turbulent experience with ridgeline wind energy.

  • Duck Rice Farming in Vermont

    Ken French takes an in-depth look at integrated duck-rice farming at Bound Brook Farm in Vergennes, Vermont. Farmer Erik Andrus provides detailed information on the process from growing the seedlings, to transplanting, introducing the ducks, to the final harvest and drying.

"The most important thing to me is ownership of the idea of food production within the local community. This is something that has a place in the Vermont landscape and is within the capability of ordinary people."

Erik Andrus, Bound Brook Farm

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