Halloween Marathon


What's the scariest thing that can befall you this Halloween? Having nothing to watch on TV! Avoid this fate by joining the Media Factory on Halloween for a frightfest for the ages! RETN Channel 16 and VCAM Channel 15 are host to a dozen spooky films including your favorite so-bad-it's-good flicks and your so-good-it's-good classics. Have a graveyard smash from Midnight to Midnight this October 31st.


Looking for a sense of dread and terror closer to home? We'll be featuring special locally-produced content all week long on 99.3 WBTV-LP FM Burlington and in our shorts compilation show "By the Slice" on VCAM Channel 15. Seen below is NON-SEQUITUR by Jackie Heltz, Janne Ebel, and Celina Arslanian.


Halloween Movie Marathon

  • The Little Shop of Horrors

    11:30 PM (10/30) - VCAM 15 // 10:45 AM - RETN 16
    How does a lowly plant shop worker's world turn upside down when he runs across a new breed of plant? Business booms of course, but so does the plant's insatiable thirst for human flesh. Find out who becomes plant food in the Roger Corman original "The Little Shop of Horrors."

  • Nosferatu

    12:00 AM - RETN 16 // 3:15 AM - VCAM 15
    How does one deal with the difficulty of fitting in after moving to a new town, especially when you are a hideous blood-sucking monster hundreds of years old who is cursed to endlessly stalk the earth and forsaken to the dead of night? Find out how Murnou rips off Bram Stoker's Dracula so thoroughly that it leads to a lawsuit ordering the destruction of every last film reel in the morbid German expressionist classic "Nosferatu."

  • Haxan: Witches through the Ages

    1:30 AM - RETN 16
    How did people live under the cruel thumb of the paranoid and superstitious religious leaders of the middle ages? Find out what's fact and what's fiction in this early pseudo-documentary chronicling the persecution of the dark arts and those accused of being in league with them in "Haxan: Witches through the Ages."

  • I Bury the Living

    3:30 AM - RETN 16
    How does a cemetery caretaker go on living when he realizes he can kill any graveyard plot owner by putting a pin into their plot on his map? Find out what happens to each victim, and where they go when the pin that killed them is taken out in the psychological thriller, "I Bury the Living."

  • The Devil Bat

    4:45 AM - VCAM 15
    What is Dr. Carruthers (Bela Lugosi) to do after the formulas he has discovered make the cosmetics company he works for a fortune and while leaving him with nothing? Find out how his revenge plan unfolds when Carruthers combines product testing with a giant murderous bat in "The Devil Bat."

  • A Bucket of Blood

    9:30 AM - RETN 16
    What wicked method does Walter Paisley (Dick Miller) use to make his clay sculptures that become the talk of the town? And what happened to his landlady's snooping cat and the cop that was just a bit too inquisitive? Find out in Roger Corman's murderous black comedy "A Bucket of Blood."

  • Plan 9 From Outer Space

    10:30 AM - VCAM 15
    How has this film gained the reputation of being Ed Wood's magnum opus/ the worst film ever made? Watch as aliens attempt to curb mankind's creation of a doomsday weapon by doing the only thing they can to distract the world population - raise the dead. Find out how their plan fairs and how something can be so-bad-it's-good in "Plan 9 From Outer Space."

  • Horror Express

    12:00 PM - RETN 16
    What could possibly go wrong when Professor Caxton (Christopher Lee) uses a common passenger train to transport a mysterious prehistoric monster he just uncovered? Perhaps it is a coincidence that the locked box holding the monster is broken into right before a bunch of passengers turn up dead, or maybe something much more sinister and mysterious-prehistoric-monster-related is afoot. Find out how this peaceful train ride gets derailed in "Horror Express," also featuring the talents of Peter Cushing and Telly Savalas.

  • Night of the Living Dead

    1:15 PM - VCAM 15
    What do you do when you plan a carefree trip to the cemetery and you end up being chased out by hungry reanimated corpses? Find out how to stave off an undead home invasion in the genre-defining "Night of the Living Dead."

  • 1:30 PM - RETN 16 // 1:30 AM - VCAM 15
    How does a man (Lon Chaney) destined to unrequited love and unrequited normal-facedom control an opera house’s casting choices while living in the building itself without detection? Find out in the spellbinding “The Phantom Of The Opera”, the color tinted classic from the silent era.

  • Carnival of Souls

    3:30 PM - RETN 16
    What happened to make a normal woman question her sanity? After narrowly surviving an accident that sent her car hurtling off a bridge, strange phenomena haunt her, a ghoulish figure stalks her and she becomes compelled to visit an abandoned carnival pavilion. Find out what’s really going on in the cult classic “Carnival of Souls”.

  • Last Man on Earth

    8:00 PM - RETN 16
    How does Vincent Price cope when he finds that a strange virus has wiped out the entire human race and he is left to live out his existence utterly alone, save for the hordes of blood-sucking vampires that he must endlessly ward off? Find out his plan of survival in “Last Man On Earth”, based on Richard Matheson’s novel “I Am Legend”.

  • House on Haunted Hill

    9:30 PM - RETN 16 // 12:00 PM - VCAM 15
    Who would expect anything amiss when summoned to a grand party by someone you don’t even know at a creepy Victorian house the host boasts as haunted? The host (Vincent Price) promises a fine sum of money to anyone who can stand staying in the house overnight while the hostess tells the guests she suspects her husband murdered his wives before her. Find out who lasts the night in the kooky frightfest “House On Haunted Hill”.

  • The Most Dangerous Game

    10:45 PM - RETN 16
    How do you enjoy the hunt for the world’s most dangerous game when the most dangerous game is you?! Find out what big game hunter Bob Rainsford (Joel McCrea) does when he shipwrecks on the island of the sinister Count Zaroff and the hunter becomes... the hunted in “The Most Dangerous Game”.


Halloween on 99.3 WBTV-LP FM Burlington

Monday, October 28, 2019 9pm-10pm
Wednesday, October 30, 2019 9am-11am
The Upside: Thrilling
Grace and Gin play offbeat songs that thrill and chill, and share little-known Halloween facts.

Wednesday, October 30, 2019 11am-1pm
Green Bubble Tea
Isa is doing a special Halloween edition with Halloween-appropriate pop songs, as well as music from various horror/dark fantasy television shows.

Wednesday, October 30, 2019 6pm-8pm
Winter  Light/Summer Heat
Two hours of creepy crawly Halloween music with spookables aplenty.
Songs about monsters, songs about alien abductions, songs about giant monsters, songs about murderers, songs about the depths of hell, songs about black magic, songs about monster-centric dances and more!

Wednesday, October 30, 2019 8pm-10pm
Endless Head Nod
Halloween II (Gothier). Last year I did a show of metal and related dark music. This year we’re going deep into goth rock with tracks from Bauhaus, The Birthday Party, Joy Division, Siouxsie and the Banshees, and Type-O-Negative.

Thursday, October 31, 2019 4pm-6pm
Blue Suede Rock
Blue Suede Rock presents an ALL Scary HALLOWEEN Show