Mission Driven Videos with Andrea Grayson and Matt Heywood

Local filmmaker Andrea Grayson and illustrator Matt Heywood speak about their collaborative creation process and share their illustrated film "Court Diversion Vermont." Hosted by the Media Factory's Gin Ferrara and Athena Kafantaris.

More about Andrea Grayson (The Grayson Group) and Matt Heywood (The Image Farm):

Andrea Grayson and Matt Heywood have been working together for over ten years, bringing together strategy and design to enliven multi-platform campaigns with graphic storytelling. For their video projects, Andy writes, shoots and edits, and Matt does the illustration and visual design.

Matt is an illustrator and graphic designer with over 15 years experience, and has a knack for distilling information into easily digestible bits. The result is work that is strategic, powerful and accessible. Matt earned his design and illustration degrees from Rochester Institute of Technology School of Art and Design in Rochester, NY, and cofounded The Image Farm in 2006 with his wife Pam.

Andrea is an award-winning media producer and marketing strategist, with a focus on behavior change. She teaches about behavior change in the Masters of Public Health program at UVM, and is also an entrepreneur. Her current start-up is a 5-week online course called Breaking Free from Sugar, where she helps people break their physical and emotional dependence on sugar. She is also working on a sugar-awareness campaign called Sugar Free Day Vermont. She holds a Masters degree in Media Ecology from New York University and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies from the University of Vermont.