Beta Release Notes

The Media Factory – home to RETN, VCAM and 99.3 WBTV-LP FM Burlington – has been working on a new website and app slated for launch later this year. We feel that these unprecedented circumstances we all find ourselves in as a result of the coronavirus pandemic call for new and innovative ways for communities to connect and share content. So we're releasing this site now, far earlier than planned and in a Beta release stage.

What does this mean? In short, it means that this website, along with our accompanying mobile app "Localeyz," is incomplete and in an active testing phase. Numerous features have yet to be rolled out and some technical components have yet to be tested. If you are using this site or our app it is possible some things may not work quite right.

We invite you to share your findings and feedback.


What you can do now

  • Visit our homepage for an overview of ways to engage with us during this period of self-isolation
  • Download our new app – Localeyz – on iOS and Android for live radio, podcasts, and limited live video.
  • Continue to visit and for regular coverage of live government and school board meetings and our complete VOD libraries.

What's coming

  • More content!: All of the great local content you can now find on and will be moving here. That means all of the latest local videos as well as our 20+ year archival collection.
  • Design and functionality: over the next couple of months we'll be gradually bringing in new design and improved functionality to various parts of this site.
  • Live video: Government and school board meetings, a 24x7 web channel of the Media Factory archives, and other live events will be available on both the Localeyz app and this website.
  • More information!: workshops, producer resources, staff and board listings, and everything else you could hope to learn about us.